WP1 Project Management
D1.1 Internal report, as result of the kick off meeting (M2) abstract
D1.2 Manual for Quality and Project management activities (M2) abstract
D1.3 Intensive training courses  
  1st intensive training course held in Barcelona (Spain), September 26th 2015
"Integration opportunities between Europe and China in the Healthcare sector"
WP2: European and Chinese approach to health care: analysing, comparing and integrating the systems
D2.1 Overall report on Chinese and European healthcare systems from different perspectives: institutional, management, public health and vocational training (M36)  
D2.2 Papers on European and Chinese healthcare system legal background (M12) abstract
D2.3 Guidelines on the integrated vocational training on EFQM in higher education based (M24)  
WP3: Integrating medical practices and healthcare solutions
D3.1.a Overall report on the recognizing of modern research in the field of WM and TCM integration (M8)  
D3.1.b Report highlighting the correct methodology research, carried out by TCM and Western Medicine experts (M24) abstract
D3.2.a Paper on clinical and endocrinology aspects in TCM vs WM (Influence of androgen receptor cag polymorphism on sexual function recovery after testosterone therapy in late-onset hypogonadism) (M24) abstract
D3.2.b Paper on chronic pelvic pain and infertility on gynecological approaches in TCM vs WM (M30)  
D3.2.c Paper on regenerative medicine (M36) abstract
D3.3.a Complete report on cost – effectiveness of the introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the National Healthcare Systems in the treatment of the main social pathologies (M36)  
D.3.3.b Full Guide-lines for a correct methodology research to be carried out by TCM and Western Medicine experts (M40)  
D3.4 Book on the analysis of Ethical issues linked to practical implications of Europe and China integration (M40)  
WP4: Business opportunities, Policy needs
D4.1.a Scientific paper on the state of the art of FDI and trade flows (M12) abstract
D4.1.b Report of European firms in China and Chinese firms investing in Europe (M24) abstract
D4.1.c Scientific paper on obstacles and opportunities in bilateral investments (M36)  
D4.2.a Scientific paper on the economic implications of integration between the two countries in the healthcare system (M12) abstract
D4.2b Report on the business opportunities in the pharmaceutical, healthcare technologies, and other related industries (Analysis of cooperation opportunities between China and Europe) (M24) abstract
D4.2c China-Europe integration and business opportunities in the healthcare products for elderly people (M36)  
D4.3a Report on cost/benefit analysis (M24) abstract
D4.3b Report on consumer perspective (M24)  
D4.4a Scientific paper on the university-industry technology transfer in healthcare industry in China and in Europe (M12) abstract
D4.4b Report on collaborations between Europe and China at the policy level on healthcare initiatives (M24) abstract
WP5: The legal perspective on Europe-China integration
D5.1 Paper on the EU-China integration in the healthcare sector and legal related issue (M24) abstract
D5.2 Paper or a collected book on the legal discipline of international trade of TCM and western medicines (M36)  
D5.3 Paper on Chinese and European Foreign direct investments legal framework in the healthcare sector (The Chinese Hospital Sector from the socialization to the opening up) (M24) abstract
WP6: Dissemination
  See dissemination section of this website  
Final Deliverable
  Book on “Perspective on Europe-China integration in healthcare practices, systems, industries” (M48)  

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