European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (FEMTC) has the main goal of promoting and teaching Chinese medicine according to current quality and scientific standards. The FEMTC was founded in 1989 thanks to the request of the Medical Association of Tarragona (Spain). It is the only Spanish Foundation dedicated entirely to Chinese medicine.

Among its members are the President of the Medical Association of Tarragona, the presidents of Beijing and Yunnan Universities of Chinese Medicine, and the president of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.
Our purpose is to regulate this millennial discipline within a legal framework that includes educational and healthcare activities. Our mission is to accomplish the official recognition and regulation of Chinese medicine at university level nationwide by contributing to the legislative project, which should definitely regulate the complementary medical disciplines.
The FEMTC has the support of Beijing and Yunnan universities of Chinese medicine, and collaboration with the Guang An Men and Dong Zhi Men hospitals in Beijing and the Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Kunming, Yunnan.
The main goals of FEMTC are to promote, teach, research and defend the practice of Chinese medicine in Spain and abroad according to current quality and scientific standards.
Since our beginnings, we have established agreements with the main institutions involved in Chinese medicine, which are sharing the same goal: the recognition, development and standardization of Chinese medicine worldwide.
The FEMTC have several affiliations with World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), Pan European Federation of TCM Societies (PEFOTS), World Federation of Acupuncture Societies (WFAS), The European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB).
Several activities are carried out by FEMTC, related to the following areas:

  • Educational Activities; in collaboration with Beijing and Yunnan universities of Chinese medicine
  • Healthcare Activities; in Guang An Men Clinics;
  • Research; cooperation with public universities and private research entities;
  • Publishing; editing of the scientific journal "Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and Chinese medicine books in Spanish language. Participation and organization of international congresses of Chinese medicine;
  • Solidarity activities; at nationally and internationally level;
  • Standardisation and regulation of Chinese Medicine;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Finally, the FEMTC was the first Spanish institution responsible for the organization of Chinese medicine congresses in Spain of international relevance.
Through its history, the congresses organized by FEMTC have become a meeting point for Chinese medicine entities with international prestige from China and Europe, such as PEFOTS (Pan European Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies) or WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies).

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